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Drain Cleaning League City TX

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How to Unclog Any Drain in Your Home ?
1- Use a rag to plug up the overflow opening of the sink. For double-basin kitchen sinks, block the drain opposite of the one you’ll plunge and remove the strainer from the clogged side.
2- Place the plunger cup over the clogged drain, making sure the opening is completely covered.
3- While holding the plunger firmly in place, fill the sink with water just enough to cover the cup. You should have a tight seal.
4- Use quick, sharp up-and-down motions to work out the clog. Make your thrusts as even as possible and keep the seal intact.
5- Check your progress after about six plunges. If you break the seal between the cup and sink surface and the water drains, you’ve done your job. If the water level remains stagnant, re-establish the seal and keep trying. Often, you’ll feel the clog free itself because the plunger will get much easier to pump.
6- Once the clog is clear, run about half a sink of hot water to make sure all the leftover debris is washed away.
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Plumbing Leaguecity

Choose One Of Our Plumbing Services

Cheap Pluming Services League City TX Plumbing League City provides reliable plumbing services for your home and business any time that these services become necessary. If you have an emergency you can reach us at any time because we are open 24 hours a day.

When you have plumbing problems you should call a skilled plumber to help you. Our team of well trained and experienced plumbers is standing by waiting to give you first-rate services with cheap price in order to restore the functioning of your toilet, bathroom, kitchen sink or sewer cleaning.

Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing Emergency Help

Being able to receive emergency plumbing services is a good feeling especially if you need help in a hurry or in the middle of the night. We are fully prepared to assist you when you need help regardless of what time it is, day or night.
Just call us any time you need plumbing help. We have a very reliable service that our technicians provide to our customers in need. We also have very affordable prices that are priced with you in mind. We offer you great value even though we charge less for it.

Convenient plumbing services

 As an emergency plumber we keep our equipment oiled and our service vans fully stocked with all the supplies needed to help our customers. We are also locally based and can reach your destination quickly and at the right time.

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Plumbing Leaguecity